Saturday, August 1, 2009

Guys: can't live with or without them!

What kind of guy do you prefer more???

-Funny: has a sense of humor; knows what to say/do to put a smile on your face.

-Romantic: sends you flowers just cuz; and takes you out here and there; makes you feel appreciated.

-Confident: secure of himself; doesn't get jealous over other guys, feels comfortable that you have alot of guy friends.
-Smart: knows what hes talking about, listens to what you say and actually have an helpful response.
-Considerate: opens the door for you, gives you his sweater whenever your cold. (chivalry)
-"Player": doesn't commit to one girl. (maybe you dont want anything serious)
and more.....
sometimes we can't have all in one so we just stick with what we got. -_-
sealed with a kiss, Jadore Daphh :-*

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