Sunday, September 27, 2009

Welcome our New Featured Blogger ! From Paris ! xo

Everyone, I would love to introduce to you, Monika. A sweet French girl from Paris. I met her through facebook & we became cool friends. She was living my dream, Living in Paris & loving the fashion industry & I was living hers, Living in NYC living my fashion dream. We have so much in common. She is a VERY loyal reader to the blog as well which i appreciate SO much ! When I think of projects, I think BIG ! I thought of a great idea to add her to the blog ! I think us bringing together NY & Paris culture would be brilliant ! It deff makes a typical NY blog stand out with Monika giving us that "French" touch. She will be promoting & marketing Lipstick & Labels now in PARIS ! haha. She will do just as we do already, speak on love, music, fashion, & much more ! even take you to Paris hot spots ! So keep Reading !! & supporting !! & DONT FORGET TO CLICK THAT FOLLOW BUTTON IN THE RIGHT COLUMN. xoxo.

Welcome to the Fam Monika !! xoxo.

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