Tuesday, September 15, 2009


1) Ever heard of the saying "to get over one person is to get under another" ???? [ i actually find that true. you spend a good amount of time on the phone with that one person. find someone to fill that void. but let them know what there gettin themselves into ]

2) Remember all the bad times. [this may be hurting you but at the end of the day when you realize what they did. you always can say "you know what. F' them!! i deserve better".

3) THANK THEM!!! (in your mind of course) [in every relationship. you learn something. (hopefully) and you would be able to use theirs or your mistake for you future relationship. (you know not to do that shxt again or let it happen again!!) ]

4) CLOSURE [sometimes a relationship ends and you don't know what happened b/w you guys. find out what the reason was. (it may hurt but at least you know then move onnnnnn!!!) ]

5) REALIZE ALL YOU NEED IS YOU!! [ you should never have to need someone. have your own life then make them apart of it NEVER make them your life. once there gone you still have you and you'll be okay!!!]

6) Keep your friends and family close. [you need all the positive vibes you can get. their the only people that can get your mind off of the ass ]
7) Don't sit around moping about it. [ get your ass up and do something. sitting at home crying isn't going to make the situation better. all your going to be is depressed and lonely!!! enjoy your day like it never happened. trust! you get over them quicker ]

8) It is okay to cry [let it all out at once. ONE GOOD CRYYY then move on! ]

9)LOSE ALL CONTACT WITH THAT PERSON!!! [NEVER hit-up. message, I.M, text...ANYTHING that person!! untill you feel that it is easy and your emotional connection with that person is OVER & DONE!!! once you get your closure. act like they never exsisted]

10) DON'T use "I just want closure" as your reason to talk to them. [ do what you gotta do then move on..CUZ YOUR JUST GOING TO LOOK STUPID!! ]

11) STOP visiting their "social network" page [all you seeing on their pgs is them moving on with there life..DUMMY ]

12)Don't befriend their bestfriend!! [ helllooooooo. don't you think there talkin shxt about you???. SMH ]

listen; i can go on foreverrrr....... but at the end of the day
personally. "i rather feel hurt then look stupid"

this may be easier said then done ...but heyyy its a start; right???

sealed with a kiss, J'adore Daphh
w|. the help of Peyton. LOL


  1. I totally agree...I was doing number 7 as we speak! Time to get my ass up! lol thanks :)

  2. lol. glad i could help;
    its a shame but we all did at least one of these. =/


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