Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I'm sure you guys know about the #DONTYOUHATE topic on twitter...
here are a few of my pet peeves. LOL

1.#dontyouhate- the onee time your cell doesnt wrk soo you hop on the house fone jones'n hardd. & your mom/dad hops on the phone saying sum wreckless shxt . ughh !

2.#dontyouhate- when your out and gotta use the bathroom all day soo you hold it, but once you hit yur front door, your deadass bout to pee on urself.& for sum reason you can never find your keyss. LOL.

3.#dontyouhate- when sum1 asks to use your fone real quick, but then they endd up checkingg all your shxt. Like really tho ?

4.#dontyouhate- when your tlking 2 sum1 for a little and then they a bringg a friend alongg. and you think "Damn i choose the wrong onee" LOL.

5.#dontyouhate- when you just meet sum1 just trynna be friends and they end up catching feelings. smhh arkward ! LOL.

6.#dontyouhate- when sumbody say they gotta tell you something & when you ask them what? they tell you nevermindd.

7.#dontyouhate- when your in a room and the corniest/ugliest nxgga/bxtch in the room wanna make the most noise Like STFU ! wth. the whole point is 2 NOT draw attention 2 urself. smh

8.#dontyouhate- when your out sumwhere and peep sum1 w. an ohdee amount of name brands on LOL . & think theyre flyy.
ex.[gucci belt,prada shoes,polo hat,and a plain white tee on]
Like okayy . Lame ass !.

9.#dontyouhate- when your in a store and see something you wanna get, & look around and see all the other sizes except 4 urs soo ask if they have anymore in stock nd they tell you "ohh we srry we just sold the last onee" -_-

10.#dontyouhate- when sum1 goes on your blogg and reads all your post.[DAILY] and then turns around & tells some nxt person how its wack. ! LMFAO x a mill
(really tho?) .the blogg is probably bookmarked on your compp. ! LMAO.


signing out: Lexxie & Daph * :)

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