Monday, September 21, 2009

Dear Summer,

So sad that you had to leave so early. Didn't get to spend much time. However I did learn a lot about myself while you were here. I finally arrived at the conclusion that, I am worth so much more than i settle for. I strive so much for the perfect guy.. that i lose myself in it.. sad huh ? well atleast I came to that conclusion sooner than LATER.. right ? =( I think i should go outside "My Type" for a change .. Because "My Type" obviously isn't working ! Its' always samee thing ! Same Shxt, Diff Guy. Well (puts foot down) Im DONE with that ! I need to know which guy is even worth my time. & set high standards. -_- I am now ready to give up this single life that i've had for a year now .. & settle down with one great guy. Just me & him.. we can pretend to be bonnie & clyde ;) ha. Shoutout to all the people cuffin.. that didn't need a season to do so lol. anyway..I've had alot of firsts as well. haahaha.. Got high for the FIRSTT time (lmao.. yep 19 years clean till that one day lmao) & did some other thingss that will stay unmentioned haha. & MY BESTTT FRIENDD Daph, turned 21. ahh such a beautiful age & A beautiful young lady indeed she is xoxo. None the less, your time was very productive, fun & well needed. Don't worry, fall, spring, or winter can't take your place. You summer .. have a special place in my heart ; ) sound gay ? ooh well. =) lmao. xoxo.


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