Friday, September 11, 2009


Yesterday it came to my attention that a dear friends mother had past. While i was in the city for Fashion's Night Out i received a call from my friend Chris. A call no person ever wants to get. I didn't know how to respond to him; I was so shocked!!!! Chris's mom died from breast cancer [ the second most common type of cancer.] I tried my best to keep my composure talking to him because it is hard enough trying to be there for someone while you need someone to be there for you and he needed it most. When i first met Chris's mom she was so welcoming; come to find out they were a family friend of mine before i even knew Chris. For as long as i known Chris i never knew of someone close to his mother as he was. [yeaaa every child loves their mother] but he would watch what she eats and more. I remember when we brought checkers and i offered her some and Chris told me NO! she couldn't have any. He tried to keep her healthy as can be. Luckily Chris has his close friends and family to get him through this hard situation. Richard; another one of my good friends that had introduced me to Chris a while back is just like a brother to him and i can only imagine what he is thinking. I didn't get to talk to him yet about the situation in dept but i can't think of anyone that would be there for Chris other than me. This is one of the tough times in life we are just going to get through together!!!

Perfect day for it to pour outside.
At least since its raining you can't tell that i'm crying :'-(

My heart goes out to you Chris!!!! Information && Donations for Breast Cancer
Click Here!

1966- 2009

sealed with a kiss, J'adore Daphh

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