Sunday, September 6, 2009

Not Hiring, But Taking Applications ; )

So, I have officially came to my "Epiphany" LOL. A huge conclusion. I've realized that, all the heartbreak i have went through over these past teen years.. aren't because of guys. I blame myself.. for letting them happen. Each situation could have been prevented if i was strong enough to remove myself. I guess I just always had so much hope.. & i just wanted someone to appreciate me & make me smile.. i mean it's not too much to ask for :(. But i guess i had to much high hope for us.. :"( I have removed all the guys that have hurt me from my life officially last week. The two guys that i thought made me happy .. but really it was all in my mind. I thought he was mine.. but he was hers :( ...... well. I am now about to be 20 in like 4 months. No more a teenager. No more "teenage love" B.S. I need to be more strong & stop wearing my heart on my sleeve.

Of course I want someone.. but I do not NEED someone to make me happy. That's what i have GREAT friends & FAMILY for. & what i have FASHION for. :) No girl needs a guy to make them complete. I've learnt not to let a guy think they are a neccesity to your life.. more of an attribute. I've always made a guy my everything. I need to put me & my feeling first from now on. & Ladies.. as i've stated in my last post, You need to KNOW YOUR WORTH. do not settle for a guy that treats you like shit when you can have a guy that can treat you like the queen that you are. & Fromm now.. I will be having high standards. No More SETTLING. I'm not saying im perfect.. But I KNOWW That i can make it worth it ; ). So if you think you have the qualifications.. don't be scared to drop off your resume.. you never know if you can get the position :] xoxo -Sammy.


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