Saturday, September 26, 2009

Michael Jordan Officially In The Hall Of Fame !

For those that dont know:Congratss To Jordan For being inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame Sep. 11th, 2009.
Jordan was the one who got me into watching ball when i was 7-8 years old. Living in queens.. with my dad & brother & uncles & Guy cousins LOL. Every game the house would be quite as we watched the games. I've grown to love the game of basketball & have dreams of one day marrying a basketball player lmao =) Chicago Bulls, Number 23 (the same date as my bday btw) haha. Even scottie pippen, dennis rodman, phil jackson.. the whole bulls. I've always been a fan of jordan. From the court, to the Space Jam movie/book, To his jerseys, & of courseeee being a collector of his sneakers ! haha. i used to be those jordan feens that saved up enough allowance money when i knew "that saturday" was coming up. A new release. haha. Jordan will always be the best ! Once again congrats to the greatest thats ever done it !
The Two Greatest people that ever done it. ^^ MJ's xoxo
Hall of Fame MJ Flashback video.

Hall of Fame induction speech.

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