Monday, September 28, 2009

Prove Me Wrong..

For once I would like to find a guy to prove me wrong. I'm getting tired of saying "I knew it". For once i want to be surprised that i was wrong & they kept their word. For once i want to have a real valentines day. For onceee I would like to be taken out on a date. For oncee ...

i would like to have a guy treat me on my birthday... Yea I've ran into jerks my whole life. & being that I am about to turn 20.. I can't allow myself to do those anymore. I give guys (the ones i like) the benefit of the doubt way to much. Until I find that ONE guy that can keep his word when he says "I wont hurt you" or the simple "I'll call you tonight". I'm getting tired of being let down. =( All i ask for really is a guy to keep me smiling & keep his promises. Is that too much to ask for ? =]

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