Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Paris FW spring-summer 2010

Paris fashion week begins today !! =D
As you know, fashion week happens twice a year in the most famous city of the world : New York, London, Paris & Milan & right now its taking place in Paris from Sept 30th to October 8th & of coursee im on it !
Plus Rihanna is in town! :D so maybe ill get the chance to see her LOL
As we speak, im checking the schedule to see wich shows ill try to attend with my partner in crime Julien hehee.. Last fashion week "ready-to-wear" in March we got the chance to meet Carine Roitfeld the french VOGUE editor & so many models! It was definetly one of the best day of my life =D

There is also what we call "Paris Sleepless Night" on Saturday,
its when all the stores & musuems are open all night long! oooh & ive received an invitation card for "VOGUE Covers 1920-2009" exposotiton its taking place in the Sephora Store on the avenue of the Champs Elysées..
there will be like a private shopping evening with a private cocktail,
a "Beauty Bar" & a "Nail Bar" !! =]

So its going to be a very busy week !! but i CANT WAIT ! =D
& of coursee ill keep you guys updated <3.

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