Friday, September 11, 2009


After meeting up with Samantha to go to NYC we made a plan to go to SOHO and make our way towards 5th AVE. [of course nothing goes as plan but I'm not complaining] Walking around making our ways from store to store we bumped into our friends Matty and Lance. [sighhhhh] they dragged us all over the place. LOL. Our first stop with them was Burberry where they served mojitos and Champagne. LOL. That was a good time. Then made our way to MAC. LMFAO!! Matty and Lance loved the food there. They served little chicken sandwiches, tiny chicken nuggets with i think BBQ sauce on it. smh! , Macaroni balls, and Soda. FANCY!!!!! Fast forwarding to more important details. Sammy wanted to go to the BAPE store where Kid Cudi was signing and selling is new BAPE T-shirt. Oh eM Gee!! The line wrapped around the block. Fortunetly Sammy new someone that was close to the front [like we were going to stand on line] Though i kinda feel bad for the ones that were standing online for hoursssss; Sammy and I made it in the doors within 1 and 1/2 hrs. [YAYYYY US!!!] This little boy was tighttt that we cut but since he was rude about it we didn't give a shxt [sorry to say] but hey hustlers prospers. LOL. Only being a few minutes after hearing the terrible news about my friend Samantha was determined to get me inside to see my fav. Kid Cudi [sighhhhhhh] Next thing you know were in front of the line to go inside. I was so anxious!!! Being friendly as we are we started talking to the security guard [i mean who wouldn't like us besided the people we cut] he told us we can go in at the time. :-D As were walking in my heart started to beat faster and faster. Thinking to myself i never thought this day would of came so soon. [ i have a list on celebs i'm going to meet; 2 checked off so far; Kanye West being the first in Nov of 2008 where he signed my Obama pin (sorry Obama)] Line was getting shorter and shorter; i felt like i would be able to touch him. LOL [creepy huh. LMAO. jk jk] Next thing you know he passes us. Sammy asked him if he was leaving already and he told her "Nahhhh. im just going upstairs. i'm coming back" LMFAO. HE SPOKE TO HER!!!! Then this stupid guy said T-SHIRTS SOLD OUT!!! and its time for people to leave unless your buying something. Me and Sammy looked at each other and was like yooo did Kid Cudi just lie to us. SMH. lol. Of course we weren't going to leave so we were shopping around. Look who comes back tipsy. LMAO he drank the whole
Moet bottle for himself. He asked whoever has a silver sharpie he was going to give them the Moet Bottle signeddd. [who the hell carries silver sharpies????] As he went to the front desk he signed the bottle and asked who wanted it. I yelled out "my birthday just passed". LOL. [i wanted that shxt] and sammy was like "its her birthday"

Who you think got it??? MEEEEE!!!!!
Not only i got the signed bottle he signed the back off mine and sammy's Blackberry's [its coming off though :-/]
Next thing you know he decides to to walk to the BBC store where Pharrell was!!! [two in one day!!!!] ooowwwwww but then that time things wasn't going to good so we decided to leave. :-/

during our wait in BAPE.....
we don't know who this guy is?????
he welcomed him self in the pic.
cool guy!! LOL

Though the end of the Night ended kind of rough!!! We met kid cudi


sealed with a kiss, J'adore Daphh

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