Monday, September 28, 2009

My First Post :)

BONJOUUUR everybody !! =D This is Monika !! hehee .
So first of all id like to thank Sammy & her friends Lexxie & Daphne for adding me to the blog =] im very happy to be apart of it
& i cant wait to tell yall about Paris fashion,take yall to hot spots,
promote & market Lipstick & Labels & show yu the city! :)
even tho im sorta new to this blogging thing ill try to do my best!

So lemme introduce myself to yu guys...
im 15 yeaa pretty young but def NOT young minded! im a freshman
in highschool & i live in Paris but i wish i lived in New York !! lol
Ive never been there but i plan on living there when im grown :)
its like my DREAM !! Like everygirl i juss love to have fun & laugh!
Fashion + Music = my life !
I have many goals & im ready to work reel hard to get where i wanna be.

Follow me on twitter to knoo more about me @NikalovesiQ

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