Sunday, September 27, 2009


As you guys learned recently we made an addition to the blog. Her name is Monika. =) (i think it's one of the greatest ideas we had for the blog ever since we changed the name. LOL) Seeing that she is from Paris like come on PARISSSSS is so crazy to me. Tho we're on different continents are lives are very similar; young ladies trying to make it somewhere in life. We all have different backgrounds and upbringings and i feel as tho Monika will be a great addition. I'm sure she has a lot to tell. So i just want to WELCOME you!! :-)
New York ............................Paris
are cities are very similar; maybe one day i can go to Paris. We can switch lives for a day maybe???? (just a thought) LOL


  1. lmao aaaww id love to swith places for a day!!
    or even more =D lol but thank yooooouuu
    im qlad to be apart of the bloq =]


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