Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Today is one of my long time, good friends birthday ! Jerrell or, Rell :] He is one of the coolest dudes i know. Very lay back & mellow. & very ambitious. Has goals of taking this fashion industry by storm with his clothing line (that he happens to be CEO of) "BANANAS". Yes.. get familiar with it. I knew him since before he started this line. Just when he was thinking about it & i kept giving him ideas for marketing & telling him to GO FOR IT ! I knew he could do it. & I know he will succeed. He knew me before any internship i got.. before vibe & WWD.. & he kept telling me to GO FOR IT ! & it seems we're both gunna see eachother at the top ! Helping eachother get up there. You know I'm alwayss here to help ! & i Beleieve in you. KEEP STRIVING ! You Got This ! xoxo.
Get familiar with this logo. ! & SUPPORT. Stay posted for updates on BANANAS Fall '09.
Happy Birthday ! xo.

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