Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Young Talent:Rell Makes Me Bananas™ lol

Ok so,i'll be having Young Talent posts. This post will be a dedication to some of the young upcoming talent i know of. as you know. I love people with goals and dreams. Rell from Staten Island,NY is a prime example of young New York Talent. He's an ambitous,Driven, Creative Young man w an extordinary Swag. (& to add type sexy lol) (= I remeber when we first met he had all these dreams & ideas. & he's one of the few people that actually made them into reality before i knew it. Congrats to him & His clothing line; BANANAS™. See you at the top playa (=
Visit his space: www.myspace.com/jsnigs

Even Megan Thinks There Good (= lol


  1. there both sexy. good luck!

  2. I luv those guys!!

  3. i met these two.
    cool kids. cool kids.

  4. aw they look so young.

  5. can i get in on a 4 way for the last pic??



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