Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sammy's Love Experience #2

Ok so; my next experience occured in Aug '06- beginning of '07. He was the fling from Roosevelt. lol.He was oh.dee cool & was such a sweetheart.! Tall,Dark skin,Waves,Mean swag. (just my type loll). we went out for quite some time. However we werent to great of a relationship. He neverr had time for me smfh. He was on the football team so he always was at practice,games,etc etc blah blah. In that mean time there was always this girl on his page that me & my friends used to be skeptical about. She would always leave him i love you comments & such. But he always told me it was his "bestie" (Never fall for that wo proof. lol). anyway. we end up breakinq it off about 6 months later. i was just tired of trying to make it better. (however we still were on great terms).Now fast forward nearly a year later (lmao) I met these girls at school that i had met at a recent Victoria Secret group interview (i hate those lol). anyway, they seemed cool & we didnt know we went to the same school. we began talking & they said they were from of course i ask hey.! do you know _____? they look at eachother & laugh & say oh gosh. yes thats our best friend's Boyfriend. (mind you i had just chilled w him the day before & he neverrr mentioned any girl.since we broke up a year ago)smh. I ask wait; how long have they went out. she says; "since Nov. '06 to now. on & off for like a year or so. Now look back to one of the first sentences. i said we went out from aug. '06- beg. of '07. they went out nov. '06 to present. lmfao. nuff said. guys are the worst.! Long story short. everything was put out in the open & they found out i was the girl they would ask him about that he would say"thats just my best friend" & she was the girl he would tell me "thats just my best friend" what a G. smfh. He was hurting. CONCLUSION OF THIS STORY; KARMAS A BXTCH. & DONT EVERRR BELIEVE THAT "SHES MY BESTIE" BULL. LOL & ITS A SMALLL WORLD. SMFH



  1. guys are gay girls are gayer. That's life man. OH BTW it's ALIYAHHHH!!! lol ps read my url

  2. damn. you go thru alot lol. juicy good story tho! haha

    mr.anonymous :)

  3. damnnn. this story was real. i remember on the bus yu cursed his ass out. lmfao. the nerve of x____.



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