Friday, January 16, 2009

A Message To My Fans: I Mean Haters. (=

ok so; tell me why i've been getting a private call all day. everytime i pick up they would just hang up. like wth. lmao. finally they built up the courage to say something. Its was some dude. (obviously a lame one) & he told me to suck ******* & called me a bxtch. how disrespectful.! see. now me. I dont be having time for that H.S drama bull shxt. I had enough of that in H.S. I'm on my grind & that doesnt include B.S. So this is a message to my haters. (your probably reading this right now since it seems your suckin me). You can hate & hate all you want. You can try to bring me down. But dont hold your breathe waiting to see me fall. cause its not happening. lol Haters motivate me to go harder to prove them wrong. so if your gunna hate. pleasssseeeeeee hate on me.!!!! ((= ps; ima find out who you are & i got like 8 dudes ready to eff you up. k bye (=
xoxo_sammyy* <3

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