Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Diary of a VIBE intern: Week Two

ok so, Working at Vibe is definetllyyy different from my last intern. My last one i was more free to do things my way, as long as things got done. At VIBE you have to use a specific color, font style and font size lmao. sigh lol. crazy. hangers have to face a certain way and everything. but all in all its a greatttt experience & i feel priveleged to be apart of something so iconic and be amongst some of the greatest editor in the game.

This week we worked on our shoot fro April which was on city streets. basically focusing on denim with hints on neon (which is one of the new trends lol). The photoshoot was sooo much fun!! omg. but boy was it alotttt of work.! we had to be there at 7:30 in the am.! i had to wake up at like 5 and leave at 5:30. crazyyy hours in the am right? Tuh.! when me and the other intern arrived, we had to help them pack the trunks with stuff were going to need on set. & three racks full of garment bags.! we packed it all in a hugeee RV van. then we went to the location which was near canal st. The models were cool.! & Bianca from America;s next Top Model even showed up.! she was pretty cool as well. I got to be apart of dressing them and using my opinions with what they should wear, etc. It was a longggg crazy day (atleast the food was good lol). When it was wrapped up, we had to drive back to the offices and unload the van. omg that was crazy. like 30 shopping bags & 50 garment bags we had to unpack. we didnt leave till like 8:30 that night. Friday when i went back we spent the wholeee day returning all the garments and accesories. all day. It was hectic and alot of work but at the end of the day it felt good when it was all finished. Also, all the interns got to be apart of something so great! we got to help them choose which picture to pic for the next VIBE cover (in april). I cant mention who is going to be on the cover due to confidentiality, but i can say that it will be hottt!! so look out for that and just know yours trulyy was aprt of choosing it.! I alsoo found out my name will be in the credit on one of the first pages amongst the editors.!

So, yep. very excited, big things in '09. VIBE; working fashion week, getting them A's in school & MY PRESIDENT IS BLACK. (all i need is a boo that can match my swag lol lol) 2009 is going to be a great year for SAMMY. Tuh.!


  1. hey girl, found your link on deerays blog. confrats on the internship. i interned at vibe vixen years ago. it's a great place to be, have fun!

  2. omggg/ sounds like such a dreammm. goood lucckk girrl!! i knoww so much people are jealouss of youu!! loll



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