Friday, January 30, 2009

The Diary of a VIBE intern: Week Three

Ok so, this was my third week interning at VIBE. Its been really hectic. We were still focusing on returning samples. But finallyyy everything got done today (=. Also we have a total of 5 interns in the fashion dept. now. ugh smh =/. I only met one other one named Kerron. Hes from Staten Island. Hes pretty cool though. Im not sure if im going to get along with the other girl though because from what i hear, she calls herself "a fashion guru" lol. & thinks she runs shxt. yikes. someone kinda like me lol lol. were so gunna bump heads. i see it now smh. Crystal (the other intern in the fashion dept) is the complete opposite of me. from music to our style. She is suchhhh a drama queen.!! sometimes its funny, but it get annoying at times urrghh. When you walk past our desks you will here a mixture of Mary Mary (gospel) & Jay-Z lol. It gets so annoying. I usually just end up using my headphones lol smh. =/

Anywhos, on another note ((=. Today we have been notified that the interns are going to be putting together & in charge of a VIBE insert (which is a little magazine they hand out, something extra but dope.!) So today we had to come up with & pitch ideas for the fashion section. The other intern Crystal (as i said she isnt really into fashion, shes into writing) I came up with the idea to have the story be on the new big runway fashion trend. which is geometric shapes. Its some dopeee ish on the runways. designers have been getting veryy creative. i love it. The assistant editor-in-chief; Shirea, Loved it.! So this weekend my project is to come up with the draft of the whole layout & spread of the fashion section. Now, the interns (all like 20 of us amongst all the depts.) are going to be publishing 6 of these little insert magazines. Which, did i mention, were going to get credit for & i get to use this in my portfolio.! thats great! The next issue my friend (editorial intern Brandon) came up with an idea to have it on fresh new deisgners or up coming designers. he has a few friends & i have a few friends that we can use. (you already know if we get to do the story im using my faveeee:) Rell's Bananas & probably two others (=. Cant wait.

stay posted.!!! ((=


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