Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sammy Rambling: January 27th,2009

So today was a longgg day.! ugh. Me and the bestie daphnee woke up extra early because i had an interview in the city before class.! Crazy trip. lol. I dont want to give away what & were the interview was because i dont want to ginx it. but lets just say its some bigggg shxttt. omg. & if your one of my few trues, you know (=. Anywho, after the interview Me & daphh headed to school were we ended up missing class. ughhh smfh. However, My new friend Freddieee aka Freddie Cakes was there, so it wasnt that bad ;^). He's the most retardest/coolest person.! haha. Deff cool peoples. Whiles we were all Hanging out, sigh* something tragic happened:

Daphness camera died.!!! =(((( omg. this is what happened. I handed the camera to my friend "cookie" lol & when he went to hand it back to me, before i even gripped it he let go and BOOM. SMFH.!!!!!!!!!!! it died. >=/ i felt sooo bad. we both took blame for it (even though it was mostly his fault for handing it to me like that lol). I offered to pay to help fix it. sigh* R.I.P Cameraa lol.Sorrryyyy Daphhhhh. I ended up buying Reeses pieces & a chocolate chip cookie for us. it didnt fix the camera; but it sureee fixed her face. lmao. love you hoe.! <3

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  1. tear tear.
    i was very sad =(.
    like. wut am i suppose to do now =/
    but hey wut can yu do besides actually doin it. lol.
    but that chocolate chip cookie was some good shxt! [pound it]
    now im a regular two eyed girl.
    i sure do miss my camera.
    damn yu cookie(nathaniel).!!


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