Friday, January 30, 2009

Dee & Ricky RockBand Party.!

Dee & Ricky have been known for there infamous Lego Brooches that can bee seen worn by Kanye West, Pharrell,on the runway at Marc Jacobs shows, and soo many more.! There Two young talenteddd kids.! They are definetly on ther grinddd. i must say. It definetly motivates mee alott. Anyone that knows me well knows i Idolizeeee Marc Jacobs & they have been blessed with the opportunity to work with him. it proves that possobilities are endless when you put your mind to something. i know Dee personally & can tell you that hes definetlyy one smooooth kid haha. (= On another note: Heres something for you Rockband fiendsss.! You wont want to miss this.!!!

Dee & Ricky will be launching a Rock Band party on February 13th. Complete with an impressive lineup of DJ’s the party is set to rock. Following a very successful 2008 including collaborations with No Mas and Marc Jacobs not to mention having Kanye rock their heart brooch piece non-stop. You have to buy a Lego heart for $25.00 By Friday Feb. 13th to get in.! So hurry it upp.! :)



  1. yo where the hell do i buyy the heart?????

  2. lmao at there website duhhh and um im deff in there for there party lol

  3. im in thereeeeee!!!


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