Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Real Definition Of A Fashionista:

ok so; nowadays everyoneee thinks there a "fashionista". smh. A fashionista is someone who is bold & takes risks with fashion. Someone who, when everyone goes right; they go left. Its a person who know about trends but doesnt follow them. Instead they make it there own, therefore causing another trend to take place. A fashionista is someone who eats,breathe,sleep fashion. They known about all the known designers as well as all the up & coming designers. They Go to fashion Shows, Read fashion magazines &watch style network lol. Its someone who sees fashion as art and there body as a canvas. You catch my drift. If you fit this whole description, you are allowed to call yourself a fashionista. if not. please stop it.

With Love,


  1. what channel is style network???

  2. lmao tell me why i thought you said Chanel* lmaoo. i was soooo confusedd =( smh thats how much fashion be on my mind lmao

    umm; its 160 on verizon fios im not sure on other channels.


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