Thursday, January 22, 2009

LMFAO: Nassau's own haitian V-->S.Dot.

This is The Funniest dude at Nassau. lmfao. Thanks Daphnee for the videos.! My blogs very own camera girll.! haha


  1. lmfaoooooooooooo oh shit. funny shit

  2. thisss nigggaa hahahahahahahaaaa

  3. LMFAOOO. yu put them up!!.
    "be the next jeezy the next mr. wayne"
    ooooo mannn.
    cant sleep on the kid.
    "im sayin..i know a good lookin girl when i see one."
    he gotta a crush on yu sammy

  4. you need to put up that video of you dancin on your tube lmfao ahahahahahahahaha now that is sum shittt youu a funny girl

  5. smh....fuck wrong wit diz nigga....n all yall was hypin his head diz nigga doin da diddy bop n shit.....thinkin he da next jezzy n lil wanye.........datz S Fuckin Dot lol


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