Thursday, January 15, 2009

Best Friend Shout Out: Eric Douglas (=

Ok so; I'm going to have post for each of my best friends. I have veryyy few Trues. & those few help get me to were i am today.Without them; I wouldnt be who i am. Theres My one main guy best friend. I love everythingg about him,(but cant stand him at times lol) We met at NCC (lmao) & from there it was the start of a greattt friendship. (i bagged him lmao) He's a great friend;& from what i know of him from being his BFF he's one of the few great faithful guys we have out there smh;He treats Females with the most respect & has nothing but love for them. (girls are just dumb to realize when they have a great guy lol smh) He's the only one that can make me laugh till i cryyy lmao smfh.Even if im in the worst mood. Eric is my sexy bestie from Freeport, NY & is an aspiring Model/Actor.I keep telling him hes gunna be the next like Kevin Hart (lmao). A comedian turned Actor. I know he's gunna go far because he has great potential. Meet Eric. (= you guys need to get on that asap


  1. Damn. you have some sexy boys on your blog girl! lol ;)

  2. yoooooo. is that my homie eric.
    lmao. hes mad funny
    "ayo ma. wuts good with that cooch".
    yu have to put them vidoes up. (mybad i took so long =/ ).lol

  3. hmmm...i know him. best friend huh? lol yea right

  4. people really jockinsammyy
    thats crazzyyyyy!


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