Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Best Friend Shout Out: Jessica Liz <3

Now i know i havent had anyyy females on my posts (beside myself of course haha). The reason being is because there arent many females like this one chicka (=. I dont get along with females very well. & it doesnt bother me, because females are so dramatic & Shady & fake like ew lol. i rather not put myself through that. so im fine with no "girl-friends" i got my few main bxtches & my 219038 big brothers/besties & My one Male Best Freind eric of course lol (dont mess with me. youll get beat up lmao jk jk kinda). Jessica is one of a kind. She is THE ONLY friend i have that does what i simply ask for. KEEP IT REAL. she keeps it 10000 with me all the time. i admit sometimes it hurts & bothers me, but at the end of the day i know it out of love & she does make sense %99 of the time lol. She's crazy justtt like me. Senior year wouldnt have been what is was without her. It was the craziest year for the both of us. We both had dumb boy problems with one particular boy each (lmao), Both lost someone very close to us =/ & both had laughing problems smh lmao. I love this girl & dont know where i'd be or what i'd do without her.!

Me & jessica met in h.s of course in end of 06-beginning '07. I remeber when i started seeing her as a great friend, when i didnt have anyone for my birthday & she actually went out her way & bought me a cake & everything for my bday.! i wasnt even that close with her as of yet. it meant so much to me.! She had also help me through a rough time in my life when i lost my uncle =/. She really helped me cope with it when i needed it. even months after. Then something tragic happened; Jessica lost the love of her life. Carlos Santos (RIP) =(. I dont even want to look back on the day. But it was hard. i tried to be there for her as muchhh as i could. i would visit her during school & even bought her this humoungouss (lol) card which everyyyone in the h.s signed lol. I know she appreciated it alot. I look up to her so much because if she can make it through that, she can make it through anything.& it makes me belive that i could make it through anything. also it taught me not to take loved ones for granted. If you love someone, love them like you'll never see them again.Thats why i keep my few great friend real close. Never have i seen a girl sooo strong. I know hes looking down on her & is so proud of her on how far she has come. Shes literallyyy the BEST friend i've ever had. I love her.!

I have the illesttt Best Friends right? haha succas! there mine =^P <3

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