Monday, January 19, 2009

Young Talent: Great $cott Of Billionaire Boys Club/Ice Cream

This post is about My big brother; Great $cott. I call him my big brother b.c like a older brother, he motivates me & gives me the push & advise i need to make it in the fashion industry. Great $cott is like no other. He's worked hard to get were he's at today. He's interned for about 5 years & finally hard work payed off, and landed him a spot apart of the BBC team. He sets an example for me showing me that hard work does pay off. you just have to be driven & motivated. When we first spoke he stressed to me, its about who you know, not what you know. & unfortuanltey that is true. Great $cott helped me get my internship at VIBE. if it wasnt for him i'd probably be interning for NEXT modeling agency (something i didnt want to do). I wish there was a way i can thank you for all the help you've given me, but for now i can just be a faithful friend & Thank You.

GREAT SCOTT was born in East orange NJ, parents decendents of London and jamaciaScott stands for the people that come from the gutter! was underesimated and no matter what never let anything get in there way of achieveing there goals.... one of my motto's is THink different, Challenge Everything, and no matter what never blend in..... u gain more value when u are one of a kind... and fine like wine.... forever i will always shine. believe in your beliefs, and doubt your doubts, but never believe your doubts & never doubt your beliefs. I interviewed $cott & here are his responses (= Click Here For Great $cott's Myspace

  1. Who is Great $cott? A:GREAT $COTT is a man of infinite possiblities, a man that resprsents strength in everything he does. A King
  2. Whos your major fashion influences?A:Tom Ford; Marc Jacobs;Sean Combs;LOUIS VUITTON; YOHJI YayaMoto
  3. Whats you weakness?A: Food & Love
  4. Whats one piece of advise you'd give to all the upcoming talent in Fasion/Music industry? A: Invest in relationShips
  5. Who do you bump to frequetly in your ipod? (= A:Justice; Notorious B.I.G; ColdPlay Souljah Boy tell'em; Kanye West

  6. Why BBC? and how did you get there? A:whY BBC cause they represent what i represent,... wealth being in the heart and mind, not the pocket. being spiritually wealthy 1st..... now i got to bbc by doing a favor for a favor.... then proving myself worthy once blessed with the opportunity
  7. Were do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years?A:in 5 years being free... be able to work for myself fully. and 10 years a legend in the game like Russell Simons, or Puff, or marc Jacobs for that matter... working with Louis Vuitton exclusively... and runnin a company like NIKE per se'
  8. Do you have any regrets Or would you do anything different?A:naw,... no regrets.....
  9. Who's the most important influencial person to you right now? A:right now, Rasheed Young
  10. Whats Great $cott's next great move? A:next Great move is working with Rasheed Young.... thats me new Mentor!


  1. Thiss was soo insiprationall! keep doing what you do great scott n good luck ms sammy!

    anita ;)

  2. oh dAMNN. that wussup. nothings imposable! that word shouldnt exist

  3. I'm inspired!!!

    I'm humbled!!



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