Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sammy's Love Experience #1

I will be havinq numerous amounts of post called Sammy's Love Experience, which will talk about some of my experiences that you can relate to. Feel free to comment. (=

Ok so, one of my first experiences occured back in 11th grade (2006). We met at the local mall. lol. I liked everything about him. He made me feel special and wanted. & most importantly,he made me happy. I even ended up introducing him to all my friends. They all loved him (alittle to much) lol. Me, my best friend & him all used to hang out and talk on the phone. (only cause i felt bad for her because she was havinq boyfriend problems) smh.Then i had gotten sick and stayed home from school for nearly two weeks.! During this period i guess her and my boyfriend got rather close & i was told they've been hanging out alot. I didnt let it phase me & i guess i was in denial. Everyone warned me, but i didnt want to see it. All that aside, i was going through my own personal problems, so i decided to break it off w him so i can focus more on me. After this him & my Best friend got even closer. I would always ask her if she liked him & she would always say "i would never do that to you omg.!" smh well long story short;I casually went on her space one day, only to discover her page w my ex all over it. There was pics of them two and all that. smfh.! It was one of the worst experiences ever. Not only did i lose a boyfriend, but i also lost a Best friend.However, they say everything happens for a reason. & i dont regret anything because it made me who i am today. I call the experience; Summer of '06.
In conclusion; this post can relate to the golden rule; NO MATTER WHAT THE CASE MAY BE.! FRIENDS SHOULD NOT DATE EACHOTHERS EX's. (THERE OFF LIMITS.!) & dont ever try to justify it.! its just wrong.!

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  1. Keep your friends and relationships seperate, case close...


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