Friday, January 30, 2009

Young Talent: Demetrius Taylor

This post is on another person that motivates me. I told you, all my close friends have drive and ambition. This Kid has been there for me through thick & thin. A real ride or die.

Demetrius Taylor is 6'4"at 175 pds. He is Aspiring to Be A Professional basketball player and to get his degree in criminal justice. He currently attends Queensboro College, starting smallforward, Number 11 on the basketball team. Averaging 23 points per game 5 assists, 3 steals and 1 blk. He is a highly skills, driven basketball player. For as long as i've known this kid, he's had love for the game. With his drive and ambition, i knoww he's going to make it.!! He doesnt care about what others think of him.Did i add hes a church boy? haha. Dee stays on his grind. You gotta love him.! Click Here For Mr. Taylor's Space.! I'll always be #41's biggest fan lol.

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