Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Say Hello to the New VIBE Fashion Intern!

Ok so, thanks to my networking & my ambition; i've landed a new internship at VIBE magazine! Success is about believing in yourself. If you dont, who will? you have to be your biggest fan. Just believe & anything is possable. In life, whats worth having, is worth fighting for.I work for free. like its not about the money right now. its about the experience. Now thats passion. (ps; i was about to get fired on my first day cause im mad they tried to make kanye look 50 years old smfh oh well; he still worked it lol)


  1. Any advice for somebody trying to get an internship at Vibe?! I submitted by app for the summer in feb but when I called they said they never received it and that I should wait til now to send it in... i want this one the most, but im not sure what else i should do...

  2. hit me up on myspace directly. www.myspace.com/jockinsammyy =]


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