Sunday, January 18, 2009

Kanye News:50 still Suckin Ye?? smh..

So 50 Cent hasn't quite given up on his conflict with Kanye West (that 50 has clearly lost)-- 50's website, This is 50, recently released a video titled "Kanye West Gets His Style From The Gays," that features Kanye talking about how gay people, in his opinion, dress the best. 50 (or, more likely, his entourage) clearly sees the video as a way to say that Kanye is homosexual, as evidenced by the title. But I'm not sure what they think the end result of putting this clip out will be. Do they think people wil stop listening to Kanye over the video? The video's point (I think) is to discredit West in the machismo-heavy gangster rap genre, but West has always detached himself from that world since the drop. If 50 really wanted to go after West for what he said in the video, he should have talked about how Kanye tries to make sure that he comes off as a straight guy who likes how homosexuals dress, not necessarily them personally. And how he jokes that he has to make sure that homosexuals know he's not into them, he just likes their clothes. But that's obviously not going to happen.

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