Monday, January 19, 2009

Sammy Rambling:Who The Heck Is Samantha Phagu?!

hmm; good question lol. everyone always ask how would i describe myself. Every guy asks that when you first meet them. & then they always leave with, "yo what is it about you?" or "theres something about you" (hence the blog name; Theres Something About Sammy" lol.) I would like to know what that something is. someone please lemme know. (= For the guys that keep asking. right now; i am single. I feel that relationships consist of time & effort. both of which i have no time for unfortunatly. my thing is work now play later; while evryone else is working towards success ima be there already, waiting lol. theres lots of time for "mingling" lol. but no time for slacking when it comes to success. Therefore im not looking for anything serious. however a girl does need a boo (= lemme know if yourinterested haha.

On another note; Samantha is a strong, independent young woman.I'm only 18 and half way to my dreams. like damn. im proud of myself. if you dont take pride in what you do who will? I have soooo many good qualities going for me! I'm probably one of the youngest, motivated, goal oriented young ladies you've encountered.& i know how to have fun. i laugh at pretty much anyyything lol. Im all about living life to the fullest.I have definetly been through alot. Good & bad. but at the end of the day i wouldnt change anything. Because i believe that evrything happens for a reason. & it made me into the strong young lady i am today. I always strive for excellence & %90 of the time i achieve greatness. I'm a very loving caring person when it comes to my friends. I tend to put people before me, which can be a bad thing at times. But all in all, im just a young lady, with extrodinary dreams. Working & grinding is everyday in the life of samantha phagu. (=



  1. Sammy is SUPA DUPA KOOL

  2. MEEE! im interestedd haha. dang gurl. yu betta stop playing with my emotions haha. yu too perfect


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