Friday, March 20, 2009

The Worst Week Of '09 So Far.

Stressed.! (Im bout to just move to Staten Island & call it a day. UGH)
Ok so, for one. .My photoshoot is Sunday & i feel so disorganized =( I'm freaking out.!
Two, I go all the wayyy to Soho today for my interview & they thennn tell me, its cancelled & postponed to next week...sorry we didnt get to call. ?! yeaaa..I was tight. atleast i got to see my loviess Julian & Scottie.! & Lexiee.! <3
Threeee.! OMG. all im gunna say is i hate immature shxt where girls message you on MYSPACE (LOL) about why your messing w. there "boyfriend". UGH. Girls are Crazyyy & Boys are Remidial. Point Blank. & All ima say is Im just getting tired of this re-run of this episode. I'm done playing the 'rebound girl' role.I knew i should've turned back while i had the chance.. DO YOU SEE ME?! i dont deserve this shxt. eff out of here.



  1. dammn sounds like sum weeek. lol you too pretty nd got to much goin 4 yu to let sum guy treat yu like that. yu deserve sum1 special. aww.


  2. ummmmmm.... NIGGAS AINT SHIT.

    k bye :)

    <3 jessica

    sighhhh =/.
    (BANANAS is the ish) pause. lol

    say it girl!!! (refering to jessica)
    fxck niggas get money!!. lmfao =/

  4. oh no! well the cumin week shud be better rite!! i hope so !


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