Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Let Me Put This Out There One Last Time.

Ok so, if you know me personally..you will know for a fact of my worst luck with guys LOL. now when i say worst luck I'm talking about the oneee thing that alwaysss happens to me...I call it "The Return Of The Ex" LMAO. Im laughing...but im deadass. Now me a daphne (MY BFF) Have spoke on this matter on numerous occasions.Like.;nuh nuh. LOL. Im not with it. & Im done now lol.I'm wayyy to much on my shxt getting my career started to worry about immature guys. If i get a dude..He will be someone that has a similiar hustle that i do in this fashion indusrty..someone that respects my grind & that we can compliment eachother..i may have someone in mind...LOL..anyway back to this ex shxt... 2 times in a row..ight bet. 3 times in a row...ehhh yikes....7 times in a row.. LMAO. ahh man. my point is that, being the person I am, I should not settle for being a rebound girl for NO guy. Why is there alwaysss an ex in the picture anyway? isnt the definition of an EX someone of your PAST?! like wth. keep it moving. LET GO & UPGRADE lol. & the one thing I cant standdd LMAO is when the ex comes at meee. & the funny part about it is I never even heard of them. SMH. That sounds like a personal problem..you should take that up with your "boyfriend"

Girls need to realize, the most important relationship you can have..is the one you have with yourself. If your allowing yourself to be treated like a rebound girl..or his side chick..your obviously not respecting yourself. Every girl (that isnt a bird lol) Deserves to have a great guy..but is every girl gunna get that?..ehh...how bout we just stop looking. Because when you look thats when you look in the wrong places & find the assholes. The good guys go looking.& will find you. =)

So if your even thinkingg about talking to me..Make sure #1)Your cutee & preferably have waves <3 lol dont ask #2)Have Great style & A love for fashion #3)have goals & ambition #4)Can keep this pretty smile on my face andddd #5) NO BAGGAGE or EXES.!!!!!! :]

& Im Gone xo.


  1. girrllll. who yu tellin??.. lmao.
    we're to good for this shxt!!.

    lolol. yu got that from the city ( the most important relationship...). thats good shxt.!

    deadass if yu tryin to get at sammy. COME CORRECTED OR DONT COME AT ALL!!!..please && thank yu!. =)

    love yu hoe!. =)

  2. lmaoo hahaa i feel youu girl!!!



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