Friday, March 13, 2009

California Dreams. . .

Ok, i've decides. In 3 years i find myself attending FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandise) in the heart of Cali. No questions. I want to do something drastic with my life. I need a new surrounding, new people, new lifetsyle, new music, new fashion, new shopping scenes, new everything.! The west coast... Sure it will be scary. I mean, to go across country, away from alll your friends and family & know absolutley no one. well, I'm a good socializer, so i'll be good. I love to meet new people. Especially those of which share the same interest as mine. I would love to get an internship there for some great designer in LA, or get a job doing PR (Public Relations) for a huge designer. Public Relations are the people that handle all the samples, and help coordinate the shows, events, styling, etc. etc. DREAM JOB! lol. Thats probably why I absolutelyy love the HILLS !! soo much !! lol. Lauren Conrad lives the life I want to live, (Hold the drama) lol..had enough of that myself. Cali Bound, Attends FIDM, works in PR & Lives the social life! I just want to have the experience and knowledge of fashion on both sides of the country. EAST & WEST coast. =) Two completley different lifestyles..and how many of us can say we've experienced both ?.. I want to be one of those people. Once, that goal and chapter is closed...on to PARIS =) I'm trynna BLOW UP people !! I'm trying to make it that when you hear my name.. Samantha Phagu (Silent 'H' lmao) know exactlyyy who there talking bout. your gunna remember my name & you can quote me on that =)

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