Monday, March 16, 2009

Photoshoot in The Meatpacking District! Produced by the VIBE Interns.

We sip champagne when we thirst-tayyy =) mmm; Twizzlersss lmao ?The Creww (Well Some)My Biggest Supporter <3 align="center"> Lunch Time =)
No one on the corner got swagga like US.!!Thanks Great $cott. !!! Thanks BANANAS & Co. !!! Thanks Rell <3Thanks Ironic Extinction. !!
Thanks Get.More.Fresh !!I was sooo looking for Whitney =/ lmao I reallyyy appreciated & loved the positive energy & all the support. !! We rocked it.! Now to prepare for sundays shoot. VIBE Fashion's going innn.!! :]


  1. this shoot was poppinnnn!!!
    we def gotta go back to the that hotel. it looked mad niceeeeee.....

    sighhhh, we couldn't find whitney =/. i think olivia killed her


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