Sunday, March 1, 2009

Giorgio Armani 5th Ave Grand Opening!

"The country may be in a recession, but don't tell that to Giorgio Armani. The multifaceted designer officially debuted his stunning Fifth Avenue emporium (or "A5A," as the new flagship's been dubbed) on Tuesday evening with an all-out cocktail party that drew Leonardo DiCaprio (who arrived at the tail end, just in time for a private dinner), Alicia Keys, John Mayer, Ricky Martin, January Jones, and Liam Neeson."

My brother, Kevin Phagu, actually got to be apart of this fabulous process. He currently works at Giorgio Armani in Manhasset at The Americana Mall (AKA The 5th ave of Long Island). He has been promoted to supervisor of shipping and was called to help w the opening of the grand 5th ave store.! It was great tiring experience for him and he continues and loves to be apart of the Armani company. (Yep, fashion runs in the fam lol). .(Side note; and on top of it, my mommy works at Tiffany & Co. for about 11 years now. She got me into Fashion & the 5th ave designers growing up. <3)


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