Tuesday, March 3, 2009

April '09 VIBE COVER.!

OMG; ok so, as you know i've been interning for VIBE. One of the processes we got to be apart of is deciding the covers. In this process, the Editor-In-Chief, Danyel Smith, sets up a conference were you'll see a board & all the potential pictures from T.I's shoot. There was alot of great pics.! Everyone had to go up and choose which they thought was the best and why. I chose this cover.! some arugued, and some liked it as well. But i loved it because it shows a new look for T.I. This is the issue before he goes into jail so it has to be a hot cover on his behalf. =]. I love the specs on him.! Its also a great fashion statement. So yay, Im happy this one got picked. Also, this issue is the first issue I've worked on. When i got there in January, they had just begun working on the april issue (apparently magazines are two months ahead). So april will be the first issue that my name will be in.!! yay me =] If you just pick up your VIBE and look in the credits under interns, you will see SAMANTHA PHAGU. It's a great issue ENJOY =]

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