Friday, March 13, 2009

A Day In Soho

I Wish I had my camera; well I did, but it was dead =/ So sorry. . no pics for this post. Anyway, I went to Soho today with one of my friends, Alexandra. I had to go job hunting.! We all know how that's a Bxtch. Tuh.!! I hateee filling out applications.! Whats the point if you have a resume ?! Welp, you gotta do what you gotta do. But before the Job hunting, I had to stop by and visit my Big bro Great $cott known for working for BBC, in the Soho Showroom. Every time I have a convo with this guy, whether it be on the phone or in person, & we discuss his newest projects, I always leave feeling mad inspired and motivated to keep up..or better yet catch up (lol) with this guy. Cant really mention much, but all I gotta say is watch out for this guy ! Great Scott. after that we troooped it to McDonalds (because that's all this fatass Alex wanted lol). It was the classiest looking Mcdonalds ever loll. We then walked throughout Soho filling out Apps UGH.

My fave stop was at BBC on W. Broadway. As soon as I walk in one of the Co-Workers shows me a pic on his Iphone and asks does this guy look gay. LOL. It was a guy w his shirt off trynna be sexy..I said LMAO Yea just a tad. Then the security guy and every one else starts dying. I just realized it was a pic of the Security guy. LMAO. they were like thankk youu. dont worry bout it he needed to hear that. LMAO. i felt so bad. oh well. the truth hurts =/. lol. i gave the guy my resume which was mad nice to me. then we went upstairs to the store. We were accompanied by one of the workers, Shawn. He was extra coool. If you havent been to the BBC store in Soho you need to do so asap. ! its beautiful .!! stars covering the walls all the way up to the ceiling, drak stairs with blue lights..just AMAZING.

While walking around, Some kid on a skateboard yells; Look its MIA.! OMG! I want her autograph.! me and alexandra start dyingggg. omg. too funny. It had been the 871204 time someone mentioned it to me today. maybe it was the mirror glasses, or the hair, or maybe the oversized shirt & legging...ugh idk. lol even on the buss coming home some boy you know who you look like. i said no & of course Alex had to say who MIA ?! lmao. If i had a dollar for everytime someone called me MIA, i'd be rich bxtch! =) lol lol GOOD SHxT

All in All; it was a productive day, met three new people (cough lmao), got an interview for american eagle, and had some great laughs. =) xo. Sam

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  1. hey girlie! that WAS me that you saw this day! Thought that might have been you...but in passing and with your glasses, wasn't sure.
    thanks for following my blog! I have you on my roll :)


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