Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Meet Va$Htie Kola =)

You may know her or heard of her next to pharrell's name. I first heard of her when they were actually dating. Its nice to see another "Coolie" lol being successful & independent in this fashion industry. Vashtie has a trinidadian background born & raised in Albany, NY. She recently was at Def Jam Records as Director of Creative Services where she assisted in directing videos and film. She recently left to pursue her own dreams. Vashtie, also known as "The Downtown Sweetheart", Is in the process of launching her clothing line called Violette. She got the urge to design while working for the brand STUSSY. Violette can be describes as her style, Tom-boyish, yet fashion forward. She never really liked girl brands and used to take her Supreme Tees tailored to fit her. Also, she has a heart on the sleeve of her shirts. This reflects her opinion on 'wearing your heart on your sleeve". She appreciates it because it's being honest and open. "I find beauty in someone who isn’t afraid of showing how they truly feel".
Keep your eye out for this talent !!
Check Her Links: Vashtie.com


  1. yu look like her. lolol
    take the red out yur hair n BOOM. yur twin. lolol.

  2. im so late: I never heard of her!! but she is so pretty! how old is she?! to be dating pharrell?!


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