Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sammyy's Newest Project

Ok so, lately i've been so stressed and busy. As apart of my VIBE Internship, one of the requirements is for all the interns to put together there own magazine. Its called PULSE:A Vibe Production. It won't be in the stores, however it will be in the hands and read by very important people. Including the editor-in-chief Danyel Smith and the CEO Of VIBE Steve Aaron. As well as all the editors, inlcuding well known stylist for VIBE (& my Supervisor), Memsor Kamarake. I love it, because it basically gives each intern chance to shine and able to show there own potential. every one has there own title. In the fashion Dept. I am title the SR. Market Editor. Which means I am in charged of nearly everything and help the intern titled the head of the fashion dept, Randi. We work very well together.! So, basically were in charge of everything. My responsibilities include; Getting the best models and as much samples as possable and thinking of themes and such for the shoots, etc. I have been having success with the shoots. My first shoot is on Upcoming designers which will feature BANANAS, Ironic Extinction, ETC. The other shoot which is the main fashion spread is street wear meets high fashion. The models have been coming together, I've already gotten P.Dizzy, Great Scott, Hoping Dee & Ricky, DJ (Ironic Extinction), & still looking.

if you, or someone you know is tall and always wanted or starting to model, this is your chance.! it will be greatt networking! at the end you will be invited to the VIBE Launch party and can network to your advantage. Im in need of female models, male models, and samples. !! if anyone has any hot designers, send em my way asap.! deadlines next week.! =/ ITS MY TIME TO SHINE; WHO'S TRYNNA SHINE W ME ?!



  1. just stoppin by to show some love.. sorry but i dont know anybody that meets those requirments.. just stop by to tell you to check out my blog ( and if you like it please follow. Thanks & good luck at Vibe!!!!


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