Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Homerun For VIBE Fashion Interns.!!

Why is our photoshoot on media takeout ?! lmao. there just mad they cant afford the louis & cant pull it off?! & also!! why do people automatically asumme guys are gay just cause there fashionable ?! whats the deal ?? lol oh wells, aleast we got press & FOR THE RECORD; this wasnt even a shot that was being used in our mag. it was just them hangin outt. geesh! do you think i would reallly style a shoot with two diff louis bags & a goyard?! ew. tooo much lol =)

Vibe Fashion Interns:
Fashion Director: Randi Corbo
Snr Market Editor/ Stylist: Samantha Phagu
Accessories Editor/ Stylist: Julian Myers
Journalist: Crystal Dundas



  1. THEY LOOK HAWT!!!!!.
    sighhh i think one of them is cute :-x

  2. FL!............. yeaa and i dnt know why wen dude is fresh and doing what they do, if its like wut every1 is doing than they gay?? very good point i've experienced tht first hand

  3. LMFAO!!!thats is jokes promo all the same tho! I was thinking..naahhh not two LVs in the same shot! tack-a-lack!

  4. Real talk. We have shit to carry around too. IDK why people get mad. I'm not a sneaker head but they're fresh.


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