Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Keri Hilson VS Beyonce Knowles-R&B BEEF.?

"You don’t expect R&B vixens to snatch off their earrings and kick off their heels on wax — unless there’s an album release on the horizon. Which ironically (or not,) is Ms. Hilson’s current situation: March 24th to be exact.

Well if it’s even more attention that she wants for In A Perfect World… than even a #1 hit can give her, she’s got it by going at Sasha Fierce aka Beyonce Knowles.!"

Apparently, Beyonce isnt giving Keri the credit she deserves, claiming that she wrote some of beyonces lyrics and been putting her on. Also because beyonce has been claiming she wrote songs, that she hasnt. Keri states a line in the song calling beyonce a hoe "Check the credits hoe". Listen to Keri's verse. Lets see if Beyonce Shoots back.! This Turning me on remix features T-Pain, Keri & Lil wayne at the end. ENJOY :]

(Scroll to bottom to pause music:])


(Thanks Daphnee.!)


  1. Thats that shxt....good shxt!

  2. Beyonce is well on her way to being a living LEGEND. Keri can ONLY play herself trying to steel Beyonce's shine... And who ever wrote the songs... Keri should know that a song ain't a song in the hands of the wrong artist. keri you may have wrote a song or two but Beyonce made those songs number 1 hits, not you!!!!!!!!!! Stay in your place new school.

  3. she treted beyonce but don't come at ciara dat song was good they over did it and anyways keri keep treatin these hoes

  4. first of all beyonce killin all these hoes so back tha fuck down


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