Tuesday, October 6, 2009


In a relationship your boyfriends best friends are going to see him more then you sometimes. The girlfriend starts feeling a type of way and next thing you know your in an argument...

You guys chill about two times a week or more and the rest is with his friends. Since you guys don't see each other often you start to require more time over the phone and stuff but he rather chill with his friends. It starts to happen a few times and you start feeling like he doesn't have time fore you anymore. You always bring it up to him but he really doesn't see that its a problem since its just his friends. You get more irritated as time goes by and then [dun dun dunnnnn] You make him decide between you and his friends. [SMH; wrong move]

Most likely your boyfriend is going to pick his friends. He probably really doesn't get that he spends so much time with his friends is that much of a problem. When you make it that much of an issue just to avoid and further arguments he going to lie about what hes doing such as "hold on imma call you right back i gotta do something with my mom" LOL or "i'm about to go out with my mom real quick, imma call you back" SMH 
Just because we have a problem with something doesn't mean that hes going to see it your way. just compromise in a way i guess. 
LOL and you can never break a bound between a guy and his friends. i mean why would you want too??? get your own friends. :]

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