Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Buzz: Lil Wayne - No Ceilings

So, as you've heard.. Lil Wayne is doing time in jail & has just had his mix tape leaked a week before the actual release date, Halloween (Today)  ! Now leaks are tricky cause it could be purposely leaked by the label for press or  got into the wrong hands. Today marks the official release date & If you haven't heard it, remember you heard it here first ! He left us with something to occupy our time while he's doing time. 

Throw it in the bag : "Get her information, take her on vaction, give her dope dick now she under the sedation. wake her in the morning, breakfast where she slept at tell her to go shopping i cant wait till she get back. . . . .

Run This Town: "Crown fit me good i dont even gotta to try on. my pistol mean business, that bxtch should have a tie on."

Ice Cream Paint Job: WE the motha fxcka's like MILF my nxgga.

 Banned From TV: "Stronger than draino, your boyfriend is a lame-o & if you stay with him then your in the same boat."

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