Sunday, October 25, 2009


The top trending topic on Twitter so i thought to myself. hmmmm?? this could make a good post. LOL. especially since twitter only gives you 140 letters to say what you gotta say and i think i have way more to say than just that. SMH. 

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#LETTERTOMYEX 's I have always wanted to say this to each and every single one of you guys. FYL!!! [ sounds harsh huh?? LOL ] Nah but i guess you guys did teach me something; To set higher standards for myself. [ It's like i have bad luck with guys or i just don't know how to pick the right one. SMH ] i mean you guys were good at the time...but not enough. I found myself in stupid situations that could of been avoided. I'm not going to point any fingers. but you had some psycho tendencies...thank God i wasn't around long enough to not be around long enough. LOL [ i think you should know who you are. i did call you crazy a few times we've known each other ] And to the other one. Yeaaaa, we were together for quiet some time but you weren't offering me anything. I tried to just be okay with things but it just wasn't working out. but then you wanted to be an ass and get mad when i decided to end thing. SMH.! things happen.! years later we became cordial (shrug shoulder) but anywhome i cant single every one of you guys out. LOL. im not saying i was the best girlfriend; just the best you ever had!!! ;)

Oh; and my #twittercrush is @heartbreakpeyt.well more than just that LMAO [chill chill chill; fall back!! ]


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