Friday, October 23, 2009


i am officially excited to sayy that i have found a job working at the Limited Store in Soho. Spring St. to be exact, i wass sooo excitedd. 1st off cuz ive been looking for a well paying job with a great atmosphere for awhile now & a last i have found one.
Limited is a pop-up shop that they decided to open in Manhattan in a matter of dayz. & opened withing 24 hrs. pretty impressive.

I'm excited that i got the job becuzz of a few mishaps that happened along the way I wasnt to sure i wud get the job. well 1st to start off. I showed up to the interview prolly 10mins late. Becuz i went into the wrong building & got completelyyyyy lost. Lmao i kno but its typical for me im horrible with directions . smhh. & secondlyyy i walked in wearing a denim shirt,tight, & my vans. not knowing it was a formal interview thinking it was a "casting call" soo to speak. Wen i got there every1 looked well put together I WANTED TO DIE !. but i kept it moving & put my best foot forward hoping somehow i cud reedem myself with answering questions & stuff. So towards the end of the interview they announced we were gunna split into 2 groups and thats wen i knew it was gunna be the ppl who got hired & those who werent

And by the looks of the ppl in my group i thought i got deaded, :( dissapointed in myself, i went home and tried 2 keep a positive outlook on the train. ride home
But little did I KNOW i got the frickin job, the next morning i checked my voicemail which is something I NEVER do, but for some reason I did. & there and behold I got a call back from one of the managers offering me a position I was astounded & in shock cuz i really thought i blew it.
With all that being sed I cant wait 2 start work 2mm, !!!

I absoloutely adore my Managers Connie & Carrie. they soo sweet & hilarious.
My associates that Ive met soo far are madd cool & funny.
& plus i kinda got a crush on this one kidd. i kno i kno ... already?! I cant help it tho hess sooo cute & humble. (sigh) but ill keep you guys updated on that ;)
cant wait to make a new friends, start a job in the big city & sell some Fabulous clothes.

so if in ur Soho stop by The Limited Store on 134 Spring St. itll be worth your time pinky promise :]
itss soo poppingtonn ! owwww.

or check out the website

Yours Truly. Lexxie. xoxo.

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