Monday, October 5, 2009


now im sure every1 has there own opinion about ms.Nicki Minaj also known as the rap games Mistress or Harajuku Barbie.but i personally love her.! Not only becuz i love her flow as well as her voice [when singing] but i love her confidence. I feel like every girl shud look at themselves & just be like "Yo Im a Bad Bxtch" deadass. She does her music mostly for the girls. Shes no Beyonce or Rihanna but in her own ritee she brings somethingg differently def. tho a little raunchy & sexually explicit ppl tend to compare her the Lil Kim but honestly there completely different. Shes a Bad Bxtch. doing her thingg. & i can always respect a girls hustle. def. a fan of hers. she has an abundance of talent & personality !cant wait for the album. xo.
*Download "Beam Me Up Scotty" . its an official mixtapee. DOPE!.

Here are a few of my fav tracks. xo.


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