Monday, October 19, 2009

A Broken Friendship.

I've just really been feeling some type of way lately. This weekend I realized who my REAL friends were.. & No im not speaking of the 2 girls on this blog OF COURSE ! haha & NOTT Jess (The other that completes my female circle of trust)..I saw the true colors of One girl that i thought was my best friend (For 9 years). We met at church & became friend because she liked my friend at church & hooked them up. SMH little did i know that was the start of something that would never end. I've always noticed that throughout her life she has always had guys as the #1 priority in her life. She would be there for her boyfriend over ANYTHING or ANYONE. Guys hate that. Guys like and appreciate a girl more that has their own life & at the same time have time for them. But dont go & make them your WORLD.. Thats physco .. & once their gone your left with nothing. She always ditches me for her boyfriends. She has been a relationship since i knew her at 10 years old. Like WTH. I rather not get into detail after detail of what occured this weekend. Im hurt right now & all SHE caresa bout are her "Birthday pics in my camera".. No apologies nothing.. just.. "you can hate me but can you please just send my pics". 

I know for a FACT she will regret it. Because when that guy she's with right now screws her over (which i know for a FACT he will) & she needs someone to pick up the pieces .. she better not dial my number. I'm tired of our friendship being based on her life.. I Wish the best for her that she learns something from her current future ex boyfriend.. i really do hope it opens up her eyes to who & whats important to her & that she DOES NOT neeeed a guy to complete her life..till then.. one word of advise I will leave you with Aliyah.. Get your priorities together ..


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