Thursday, October 8, 2009

10 Questions I Ask Myself As Of October ?!

  1. Why is this NY weather so Bi-polar ?!
  2. How can i fast forward to get my car ?!
  3. What am i going to do for my 20th birthday ?! (Dec. 23)
  4. Why do i attract such jerks.
  5. Whyy did Kanye do that ?!
  6. What is the world coming to with all these crazyy news headlines ?! (wifes/husbands killing eachother, their kids, violence, etc) -_-
  7. Why are the most birdish, ghetto girls cuffed ???! hahaaa..
  8. What is going to be my next move to improve Lipstick & Labels ?? =]
  9. Why don't boys ever know what they want ?
  10. Do you have a blackberry ?! If so.. Add Me !! =)  BBM PIN: 30BF81C9

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