Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I'M OVER IT!!!!!

I'm starting to get fed up with this whole relationship shxt.! like why do i really want to be in one when all i expect to do is get hurt??? i'm pretty much always setting myself up for failure. This whole heartache and heartbreak shxt is so fxckin annoying!!! and i'm over it. Am I angry?? yes! Why? you would think that i would know wouldn't you. Is it because i care to much? that could be it and i so i need to cut that shxt out and get back to reality. DEADASS!!! My life was soooo much easier when i wasn't dealing with anybody. I'm soooo fed up with all the bull! like i think i reached my breaking point. Any other time i shrug my should and moved on like it was nothing. yeah, it was that easy for me; but this time! thisss timeeeee!!!! ugh! for some reason hes not that easy to shake off. like seriously tho. What am i holding on too???? I've never been so frustrated and hurt so much and i fxckin hate it. I always find myself crying over this shxt!!! I'M SO OVER IT!!!! i'm going to embrace me being single because now i can make my own fxckin decisions.
 [whew; that feels so much better to let that out. back to regular programming :) thanx for listening ]
( sorry for all the cursing. i was just angry :-/ )

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